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  1. crammingforcookies:







    Best Friend: Gale
    Rivial: Peeta
    Star-Crossed Lover: Gale
    First Kiss: Cato
    Killed by: Gale (Okay……makes sense I guess)
    District: 9

    BFF: Haymitch
    Star Crossed Lover: Cato
    First Kiss: Peeta??! wtf vlad stay way from me!
    Killed by: Cinna ( was jelly of the kiss)
    Distirct 9 baby

    Best Friend: Cato
    Rival: Haymitch (gonna diie)
    Star-Crossed Lover: Gale (yess)
    First Kiss: Peeta (woo! ookay!)
    Killed By: Snow. (ugh that’s pathetic)
    District: 10 

    Best Friend: Haymitch

    Rival: Clove

    Star-Crossed Lover: Cinna

    First Kiss: Gale

    Killed By: Clove

    District: 6

    Best Friend: Cato

    Rival: Peeta

    Star-crossed Lover: Haymitch (…)

    First Kiss: Cinna

    Killed by: Cato (*SSHOLE. WE WERE FRIENDS. Unless it twas tragic circumstances where you spared me the suffering. unlikely, but eh.)

    District: 5

    Best Friend: Cinna

    Rival: Cato (-___________- be my lover instead?)

    lover: Peeta (yoi :D)

    First kiss: Gale

    Killed by: Effie (wat)

    District: 1

    Best Friend: Katniss
    Rival: Snow
    Star-Crossed Lover: Peeta
    First Kiss: Clove
    Killed by: Effie
    District: 9

    Best Friend: Peeta
    Rival: Effie
    Star-crossed Lover: Cinna
    First Kiss: Cato
    Killed by: Peeta ……..o gee what a great best friend u are ಠ_ಠ
    Your District: 5 

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